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Bathroom Countertops made of artificial stone
Dial us phone number , or click on the "Order" button, enter your details and we'll call you back. We are pleased to provide full information on the products and terms of cooperation.
Price in local currency. 2-year warranty.
Gronix worktops are easy to clean, warm and pleasant to the touch.
IMPORTANT: The product is monolithic. Worktop, sink and plinth one. The material is not long, so the worktop completely sealed against moisture and dirt.
Price includes washbasin and plinth. You can order only the countertop, if you want to invoice the sink.
About 200 variants countertop colors. You can order a single color, and can be added to the structure of stone pebbles, shells, pieces of glass, shiny particles, marble effect, pearl, etc.




Bathroom Countertops GRONIX® 






Sink form:

The height of the plinth:

The thickness of the stone:

The height of the front rim:



50 sm (available different)

selected individually

selected individually


selected individually

42 мм 

15 мм

42 мм




Цена:  190 USD   160 USD

In price included countertops, sink, plinth per 1 metre.








Frequently asked Questions

I want to order a countertop with two sinks, how far they are from each other?

Making countertops for the bathroom an individual order, so that all the parameters: size, color, width and length can ask yourself.
How does the installation of countertops for the bathroom?
Often, ordering countertop made of stone, you parallel to order furniture the right size, so it is more convenient when the installation will make the company, which you have ordered the furniture. We work with furniture factories and large furniture manufacturers and private clients. If the furniture company produces the installation, we can independently make such a service.

Now a lot of formulations and types of artificial stone, which stone you sell?

GRONIX quartz stone cast - a quartz stone, consisting of 80% silica (silica fume) and 20% acrylic resin. On top is covered with gelcoat material that protects the stone from the effects of water and aggressive media.

What distinguishes your material from those currently sold in sheets (acrylic and quartz stone)?

Acrylic stone and quartzite sold in sheets, carried out large volumes, and only then cut to the size of the customer and glued in the form of the product. The production technology is pre-mixed components in a vacuum mixer, after it is poured on a continuous casting line before drying is removed and cut into sheets.
Cast GRONIX® quartz stone is made in the form of the final product (shower tray, sink or countertop with sink chosen by the client specific configuration). We are creating a whole and ensure the integrity of the product from moisture. The technology is different in that we put on the matrix (form specific product) special protective layer of gelcoat, and after the production technology is similar. We mix components in a special blender and pour into the mold on the vibrating table. Due to the vibration the product cools and dries in a flat form. After that, removed from the mold, grinding is carried out and the ends of the product is shipped to the customer.

How to calculate the cost of countertops with a sink for the bathroom?

Width per meter countertops for the bathroom is 50 cm. The price includes the cost of washbasin and plinth. You simply measure the length of your future countertops and multiply by the price of 1 linear meter.
If the width of your countertop assumed wider standard 50 cm, then the value is calculated proportionally.
In any case, please contact us